Year 2 – Our Science Journey

Welcome to our Science blog, here you can find lots of information about our learning in Science. Our Science lessons usually take place on a Wednesday Morning, with Mrs Loizos. During Year 2, children begin to have lessons in their own classroom, before building up time in the Phiz lab across the Autumn and Spring Terms. All Science will be taught in the Phiz Lab from the Summer Term, to aid in the transition to Key Stage 2.

Year 2 Programme of Study

Autumn Term – Living things & their Habitats

Spring Term 1 – Everyday Materials

Spring Term 2 – Animals, including Humans

Summer Term 1 – Plants

Summer Term 2 – Forces

Latest from the Blog

Wednesday 5th May 2021

Today we observed our plants, to see how are seedlings were doing – so far not much! We will continue to observe and measure growth and changes over the coming weeks and months… We then looked again at the plant life cycle, ensuring that we could confidently identify and use the new vocabulary correctly, suchContinue reading “Wednesday 5th May 2021”

Wednesday 28th April 2021

Today we finally got planting! Wahoooooooooo! In groups, we spent the beginning of our lesson ensuring we understood the requirements of a plant for growth and survival. We identified: Water Sunlight Nutrients from the Soil Air – some of us understood that we needed Carbon Dioxide from the air Space to grow – if weContinue reading “Wednesday 28th April 2021”

Wednesday 14th April 2021

Today we continued with our pattern seeking enquiry, ‘Do bigger bulbs grow into bigger plants?’. First we discussed the differences we noticed in a range of seeds and bulbs, grouping them into two groups and trying to identify differences. We decided that: Seeds – are generally smaller, harder and that they grow above ground, inContinue reading “Wednesday 14th April 2021”

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